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1936 Summer Olympics
Berlin, Germany

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
1000m Sprint (Scratch) Men Toni Merkens GER 2-0 GOLD
Arie van Vliet NED SILVER
Louis Chaillot FRA BRONZE
1000m Time Trial Men Arie van Vliet NED 1:12.0 GOLD
Pierre Georget FRA 1:12.8 SILVER
Rudolf Karsch GER 1:13.2 BRONZE
4000m Team Pursuit Men Guy Lapébie FRA 4:45.0 GOLD
Jean Goujon FRA 4:45.0 GOLD
Robert Charpentier FRA 4:45.0 GOLD
Roger-Jean Le Nizerhy FRA 4:45.0 GOLD
Armando Latini KIT 4:51.0 SILVER
Severino Rigoni KIT 4:51.0 SILVER
Bianco Bianchi KIT 4:51.0 SILVER
Mario Gentili KIT 4:51.0 SILVER
Ernest Johnson GBR 4:53.6 BRONZE
Harry Hill GBR 4:53.6 BRONZE
Charles King GBR 4:53.6 BRONZE
Ernest Mills GBR 4:53.6 BRONZE
Individual Road Race Men Robert Charpentier FRA 2:33:05.0 GOLD
Guy Lapébie FRA 2:33:05.2 SILVER
Ernst Nievergelt SUI 2:33:05.8 BRONZE
Team Road Race Men Guy Lapébie FRA 7:39:16.2 GOLD
Robert Charpentier FRA 7:39:16.2 GOLD
Robert Dorgebray FRA 7:39:16.2 GOLD
Edgar Buchwalder SUI 7:39:20.4 SILVER
Ernst Nievergelt SUI 7:39:20.4 SILVER
Kurt Ott SUI 7:39:20.4 SILVER
Armand Putzeys BEL 7:39:21.0 BRONZE
François Vandermotte BEL 7:39:21.0 BRONZE
Auguste Garrebeek BEL 7:39:21.0 BRONZE
2000m Tandem Ernst Ihbe GER 2-0 GOLD
Carl Lorenz GER 2-0 GOLD
Bernhard Leene NED SILVER
Hendrik Ooms NED SILVER
Georges Maton FRA BRONZE
Pierre Georget FRA BRONZE

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