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1948 Summer Olympics
London, United Kingdom

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Walter Ris USA 57.3 GOLD
Alan Ford USA 57.8 SILVER
Géza Kádas HUN 58.1 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men William Smith USA 4:41.0 GOLD
James McLane USA 4:43.4 SILVER
John Marshall AUS 4:47.4 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men James McLane USA 19:18.5 GOLD
John Marshall AUS 19:31.3 SILVER
György Mitró HUN 19:43.2 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Allen Stack USA 1:06.4 GOLD
Robert Cowell USA 1:06.5 SILVER
Georges Vallerey FRA 1:07.8 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Joseph Verdeur USA 2:39.3 GOLD
Keith Carter USA 2:40.2 SILVER
Bob Sohl USA 2:43.9 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Wallace Wolf USA 8:46.0 GOLD
William Smith USA 8:46.0 GOLD
Walter Ris USA 8:46.0 GOLD
James McLane USA 8:46.0 GOLD
György Mitró HUN 8:48.4 SILVER
Imre Nyéki HUN 8:48.4 SILVER
Géza Kádas HUN 8:48.4 SILVER
Elemér Szathmáry HUN 8:48.4 SILVER
Alexandre Jany FRA 9:08.0 BRONZE
Henri Padou FRA 9:08.0 BRONZE
René Cornu FRA 9:08.0 BRONZE
Joseph Bernardo FRA 9:08.0 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Greta Andersen DEN 1:06.3 GOLD
Ann Curtis USA 1:06.5 SILVER
Marie-Louise Linssen-Vaessen NED 1:07.6 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Ann Curtis USA 5:17.8 GOLD
Karen Harup DEN 5:21.2 SILVER
Catherine Gibson GBR 5:22.5 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Karen Harup DEN 1:14.4 GOLD
Winona Zimmerman USA 1:16.0 SILVER
Judy Davies AUS 1:16.7 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Nelly van Vliet NED 2:57.2 GOLD
Beatrice Lyons AUS 2:57.7 SILVER
Éva Novák HUN 3:00.2 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Brenda Helser USA 4:29.2 GOLD
Thelma Kalama USA 4:29.2 GOLD
Marie Corridon USA 4:29.2 GOLD
Ann Curtis USA 4:29.2 GOLD
Greta Andersen DEN 4:29.6 SILVER
Fritze Carstensen-Nathansen DEN 4:29.6 SILVER
Karen Harup DEN 4:29.6 SILVER
Eva Riise-Arndt DEN 4:29.6 SILVER
Margot Marsman NED 4:31.6 BRONZE
Marie-Louise Linssen-Vaessen NED 4:31.6 BRONZE
Irma Heijting-Schuhmacher NED 4:31.6 BRONZE
Hanny Termeulen NED 4:31.6 BRONZE

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