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1960 Summer Olympics
Rome, Italy

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men John Devitt AUS 55.2 GOLD
Lance Larson USA 55.2 SILVER
Manuel dos Santos BRA 55.4 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Murray Rose AUS 4:18.3 GOLD
Tsuyoshi Yamanaka JPN 4:21.4 SILVER
John Konrads AUS 4:21.8 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men John Konrads AUS 17:19.6 GOLD
Murray Rose AUS 17:21.7 SILVER
George Breen USA 17:30.6 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men David Theile AUS 1:01.9 GOLD
Frank McKinney USA 1:02.1 SILVER
Robert Bennett USA 1:02.3 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Bill Mulliken USA 2:37.4 GOLD
Yoshihiko Osaki JPN 2:38.0 SILVER
Wieger Mensonides NED 2:39.7 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Michael Troy USA 2:12.8 GOLD
Neville Hayes AUS 2:14.6 SILVER
David Gillanders USA 2:15.3 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men George Harrison USA 8:10.2 GOLD
Richard Blick USA 8:10.2 GOLD
Jeffrey Farrell USA 8:10.2 GOLD
Michael Troy USA 8:10.2 GOLD
Tatsuo Fujimoto JPN 8:13.2 SILVER
Makoto Fukui JPN 8:13.2 SILVER
Hiroshi Ishii JPN 8:13.2 SILVER
Tsuyoshi Yamanaka JPN 8:13.2 SILVER
John Konrads AUS 8:13.8 BRONZE
John Devitt AUS 8:13.8 BRONZE
David Dickson AUS 8:13.8 BRONZE
Murray Rose AUS 8:13.8 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men Frank McKinney USA 4:05.4 GOLD
Lance Larson USA 4:05.4 GOLD
Jeffrey Farrell USA 4:05.4 GOLD
Paul Hait USA 4:05.4 GOLD
Neville Hayes AUS 4:12.0 SILVER
Terry Gathercole AUS 4:12.0 SILVER
Geoffrey Shipton AUS 4:12.0 SILVER
David Theile AUS 4:12.0 SILVER
Kazuo Tomita JPN 4:12.2 BRONZE
Keigo Shimizu JPN 4:12.2 BRONZE
Yoshihiko Osaki JPN 4:12.2 BRONZE
Koichi Hirakida JPN 4:12.2 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Dawn Fraser AUS 1:01.2 GOLD
Chris von Saltza USA 1:02.8 SILVER
Natalie Steward GBR 1:03.1 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Chris von Saltza USA 4:50.6 GOLD
Jane Cederqvist SWE 4:53.9 SILVER
Tineke Lagerberg NED 4:56.9 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Lynn Burke USA 1:09.3 GOLD
Natalie Steward GBR 1:10.8 SILVER
Satoko Tanaka JPN 1:11.4 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Anita Lonsbrough GBR 2:49.5 GOLD
Wiltrud Urselmann GER 2:50.0 SILVER
Barbara Göbel GER 2:53.6 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Carolyn Schuler USA 1:09.5 GOLD
Marianne Heemskerk NED 1:10.4 SILVER
Janice Andrew AUS 1:12.2 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Chris von Saltza USA 4:08.9 GOLD
Shirley Stobs USA 4:08.9 GOLD
Joan Spillane USA 4:08.9 GOLD
Carolyn Wood USA 4:08.9 GOLD
Alva Colqhoun AUS 4:11.3 SILVER
Lorraine Crapp AUS 4:11.3 SILVER
Dawn Fraser AUS 4:11.3 SILVER
Ilsa Konrads AUS 4:11.3 SILVER
Ursula Brunner GER 4:19.7 BRONZE
Christel Steffin GER 4:19.7 BRONZE
Gisela Weiß GER 4:19.7 BRONZE
Heidi Pechstein GER 4:19.7 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Carolyn Schuler USA 4:41.1 GOLD
Chris von Saltza USA 4:41.1 GOLD
Lynn Burke USA 4:41.1 GOLD
Patty Kempner USA 4:41.1 GOLD
Janice Andrew AUS 4:45.9 SILVER
Dawn Fraser AUS 4:45.9 SILVER
Marilyn Wilson AUS 4:45.9 SILVER
Rosemary Lassig AUS 4:45.9 SILVER
Ingrid Schmidt GER 4:47.6 BRONZE
Bärbel Fuhrmann GER 4:47.6 BRONZE
Ursula Brunner GER 4:47.6 BRONZE
Ursula Küper GER 4:47.6 BRONZE

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