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1964 Summer Olympics
Tokyo, Japan

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Single Sculls Men Vyacheslav Ivanov URS 8:22.51 GOLD
Achim Hill GER 8:26.24 SILVER
Gottfried Kottmann SUI 8:29.68 BRONZE
Double Sculls Men Oleg Tyurin URS 7:10.66 GOLD
Boris Dubrovsky URS 7:10.66 GOLD
Seymour Cromwell USA 7:13.16 SILVER
James Storm USA 7:13.16 SILVER
Vladimír Andrs CZE 7:14.23 BRONZE
Pavel Hofman CZE 7:14.23 BRONZE
Coxless Pairs Men George Hungerford CAN 7:32.94 GOLD
Roger Jackson CAN 7:32.94 GOLD
Steven Blaisse NED 7:33.40 SILVER
Ernst Veenemans NED 7:33.40 SILVER
Wolfgang Hottenrott GER 7:38.63 BRONZE
Michael Schwan GER 7:38.63 BRONZE
Coxed Pairs Men Kent Mitchell USA 8:21.23 GOLD
Edward Ferry USA 8:21.23 GOLD
Conn Findlay USA 8:21.23 GOLD
Jean-Claude Darouy FRA 8:23.15 SILVER
Georges Morel FRA 8:23.15 SILVER
Jacques Morel FRA 8:23.15 SILVER
Herman Rouwé NED 8:23.42 BRONZE
Frederik Hartsuiker NED 8:23.42 BRONZE
Jan Bos NED 8:23.42 BRONZE
Coxless Fours Men Bjřrn Haslřv DEN 6:59.30 GOLD
Kurt Helmudt DEN 6:59.30 GOLD
John Hansen DEN 6:59.30 GOLD
Erik Petersen DEN 6:59.30 GOLD
John Russell GBR 7:00.47 SILVER
Ted Nash GBR 7:00.47 SILVER
John James GBR 7:00.47 SILVER
William Barry GBR 7:00.47 SILVER
Hugh Wardell-Yerburgh GBR 7:00.47 SILVER
Theodore Mittet USA 7:01.37 BRONZE
Richard Lyon USA 7:01.37 BRONZE
Geoffrey Picard USA 7:01.37 BRONZE
Coxed Fours Men Jürgen Oelke GER 7:00.44 GOLD
Peter Neusel GER 7:00.44 GOLD
Bernhard Britting GER 7:00.44 GOLD
Egbert Hirschfelder GER 7:00.44 GOLD
Joachim Werner GER 7:00.44 GOLD
Emilio Trivini ITA 7:02.84 SILVER
Franco De Pedrina ITA 7:02.84 SILVER
Giuseppe Galante ITA 7:02.84 SILVER
Renato Bosatta ITA 7:02.84 SILVER
Giovanni Spinola ITA 7:02.84 SILVER
Frederik van de Graaff NED 7:06.46 BRONZE
Jan van de Graaff NED 7:06.46 BRONZE
Robert van de Graaf NED 7:06.46 BRONZE
Alex Mullink NED 7:06.46 BRONZE
Marius Klumperbeek NED 7:06.46 BRONZE
Eights Men William Knecht USA 6:18.23 GOLD
William Stowe USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Stanley Cwiklinski USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Harold Budd USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Joseph Amlong USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Thomas Amlong USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Emory Clark USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Hugh Foley USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Róbert Zimonyi USA 6:18.23 GOLD
Karl-Heinrich von Groddeck GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Hans-Jürgen Wallbrecht GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Klaus Aeffke GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Thomas Ahrens GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Klaus Behrens GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Klaus Bittner GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Jürgen Schroeder GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Jürgen Plagemann GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Horst Meyer GER 6:23.29 SILVER
Richard Novy CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Jan Mrvík CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Miroslav Konícek CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Jirí Lundák CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Bohumil Janousek CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Ludek Pojezny CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Julius Tocek CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Petr Cermák CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE
Josef Ventus CZE 6:25.11 BRONZE

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