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1972 Summer Olympics
München, Germany

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
100m Freestyle Men Mark Spitz USA 51.22 GOLD
Jerry Heidenreich USA 51.65 SILVER
Vladimir Bure URS 51.77 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Men Mark Spitz USA 1:52.78 GOLD
Steven Genter USA 1:53.73 SILVER
Werner Lampe FRG 1:53.99 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Bradford Cooper AUS 4:00.27 GOLD
Steven Genter USA 4:01.94 SILVER
Thomas McBreen USA 4:02.64 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Mike Burton USA 15:52.58 GOLD
Graham Windeatt AUS 15:58.48 SILVER
Douglas Northway USA 16:09.25 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Roland Matthes GDR 56.58 GOLD
Michael Stamm USA 57.70 SILVER
John Murphy USA 58.35 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Men Roland Matthes GDR 2:02.82 GOLD
Michael Stamm USA 2:04.09 SILVER
Mitchell Ivey USA 2:04.33 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Men Nobutaka Taguchi JPN 1:04.94 GOLD
Tom Bruce USA 1:05.43 SILVER
John Hencken USA 1:05.61 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men John Hencken USA 2:21.55 GOLD
David Wilkie GBR 2:23.67 SILVER
Nobutaka Taguchi JPN 2:23.88 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Men Mark Spitz USA 54.27 GOLD
Bruce Robertson CAN 55.56 SILVER
Jerry Heidenreich USA 55.74 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Mark Spitz USA 2:00.70 GOLD
Gary Hall USA 2:02.86 SILVER
Robin Backhouse USA 2:03.23 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Men Gunnar Larsson SWE 2:07.17 GOLD
Tim McKee USA 2:08.37 SILVER
Steven Furniss USA 2:08.45 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Men Gunnar Larsson SWE 4:31.98 GOLD
Tim McKee USA 4:31.98 SILVER
András Hargitay HUN 4:32.70 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Men Jerry Heidenreich USA 3:26.42 GOLD
David Edgar USA 3:26.42 GOLD
John Murphy USA 3:26.42 GOLD
Mark Spitz USA 3:26.42 GOLD
Viktor Mazanov URS 3:29.72 SILVER
Vladimir Bure URS 3:29.72 SILVER
Viktor Aboimov URS 3:29.72 SILVER
Igor Grivennikov URS 3:29.72 SILVER
Wilfried Hartung GDR 3:32.42 BRONZE
Peter Bruch GDR 3:32.42 BRONZE
Roland Matthes GDR 3:32.42 BRONZE
Lutz Unger GDR 3:32.42 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Frederick Tyler USA 7:35.78 GOLD
Mark Spitz USA 7:35.78 GOLD
John Kinsella USA 7:35.78 GOLD
Steven Genter USA 7:35.78 GOLD
Hans Faßnacht FRG 7:41.69 SILVER
Werner Lampe FRG 7:41.69 SILVER
Hans-Günter Vosseler FRG 7:41.69 SILVER
Klaus Steinbach FRG 7:41.69 SILVER
Viktor Mazanov URS 7:45.76 BRONZE
Igor Grivennikov URS 7:45.76 BRONZE
Georgi Kulikov URS 7:45.76 BRONZE
Vladimir Bure URS 7:45.76 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men Tom Bruce USA 3:48.16 GOLD
Jerry Heidenreich USA 3:48.16 GOLD
Mark Spitz USA 3:48.16 GOLD
Michael Stamm USA 3:48.16 GOLD
Roland Matthes GDR 3:52.12 SILVER
Lutz Unger GDR 3:52.12 SILVER
Klaus Katzur GDR 3:52.12 SILVER
Hartmut Flöckner GDR 3:52.12 SILVER
Eric Fish CAN 3:52.26 BRONZE
Robert Kasting CAN 3:52.26 BRONZE
William Mahony CAN 3:52.26 BRONZE
Bruce Robertson CAN 3:52.26 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Sandra Neilson USA 58.59 GOLD
Shirley Babashoff USA 59.02 SILVER
Shane Gould AUS 59.06 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Women Shane Gould AUS 2:03.56 GOLD
Shirley Babashoff USA 2:04.33 SILVER
Keena Rothhammer USA 2:04.92 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Shane Gould AUS 4:19.04 GOLD
Novella Calligaris ITA 4:22.44 SILVER
Gudrun Wegner GDR 4:23.11 BRONZE
800m Freestyle Women Keena Rothhammer USA 8:53.68 GOLD
Shane Gould AUS 8:56.39 SILVER
Novella Calligaris ITA 8:57.46 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Melissa Belote USA 1:05.78 GOLD
Andrea Gyarmati HUN 1:06.26 SILVER
Susan Atwood USA 1:06.34 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Women Melissa Belote USA 2:19.19 GOLD
Susan Atwood USA 2:20.38 SILVER
Donna Gurr CAN 2:23.22 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Women Catherine Carr USA 1:13.58 GOLD
Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchykova URS 1:14.99 SILVER
Beverley Whitfield AUS 1:15.73 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Beverley Whitfield AUS 2:41.71 GOLD
Dana Schoenfield USA 2:42.05 SILVER
Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchykova URS 2:42.36 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Mayumi Aoki JPN 1:03.34 GOLD
Roswitha Beier GDR 1:03.61 SILVER
Andrea Gyarmati HUN 1:03.73 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Women Karen Moe USA 2:15.57 GOLD
Lynn Colella USA 2:16.34 SILVER
Ellie Daniel USA 2:16.74 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Women Shane Gould AUS 2:23.07 GOLD
Kornelia Ender GDR 2:23.59 SILVER
Lynn Vidali USA 2:24.06 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Women Gail Neall AUS 5:02.97 GOLD
Leslie Cliff CAN 5:03.57 SILVER
Novella Calligaris ITA 5:03.99 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Shirley Babashoff USA 3:55.19 GOLD
Jane Barkman USA 3:55.19 GOLD
Jennifer Kemp USA 3:55.19 GOLD
Sandra Neilson USA 3:55.19 GOLD
Elke Sehmisch GDR 3:55.55 SILVER
Gabriele Wetzko GDR 3:55.55 SILVER
Kornelia Ender GDR 3:55.55 SILVER
Andrea Eife GDR 3:55.55 SILVER
Gudrun Beckmann FRG 3:57.93 BRONZE
Jutta Weber FRG 3:57.93 BRONZE
Heidemarie Reineck FRG 3:57.93 BRONZE
Angela Steinbach FRG 3:57.93 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Sandra Neilson USA 4:20.75 GOLD
Melissa Belote USA 4:20.75 GOLD
Deena Deardurff USA 4:20.75 GOLD
Catherine Carr USA 4:20.75 GOLD
Roswitha Beier GDR 4:24.91 SILVER
Kornelia Ender GDR 4:24.91 SILVER
Christine Herbst GDR 4:24.91 SILVER
Renate Vogel GDR 4:24.91 SILVER
Heidemarie Reineck FRG 4:26.46 BRONZE
Silke Pielen FRG 4:26.46 BRONZE
Gudrun Beckmann FRG 4:26.46 BRONZE
Vreni Eberle FRG 4:26.46 BRONZE

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