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1984 Summer Olympics
Los Angeles, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
All-around, Individual Men Koji Gushiken JPN 118.7 GOLD
Peter Vidmar USA 118.675 SILVER
Ning Li CHN 118.575 BRONZE
Horizontal Bar Shinji Morisue JPN 20.00 GOLD
Fei Tong CHN 19.975 SILVER
Koji Gushiken JPN 19.95 BRONZE
Parallel Bars Bart Conner USA 19.95 GOLD
Noboyuki Kajitani JPN 19.925 SILVER
Mitchell Gaylord USA 19.85 BRONZE
Long Horse Vault Yun Lou CHN 19.95 GOLD
Shinji Morisue JPN 19.825 SILVER
Mitchell Gaylord USA 19.825 SILVER
Koji Gushiken JPN 19.825 SILVER
Ning Li CHN 19.825 SILVER
Pommeled Horse Ning Li CHN 19.95 GOLD
Peter Vidmar USA 19.95 GOLD
Timothy Daggett USA 19.825 BRONZE
Rings Koji Gushiken JPN 19.85 GOLD
Ning Li CHN 19.85 GOLD
Mitchell Gaylord USA 19.825 BRONZE
Floor Exercises Ning Li CHN 19.925 GOLD
Yun Lou CHN 19.775 SILVER
Koji Sotomura JPN 19.70 BRONZE
Philippe Vatuone FRA 19.70 BRONZE
Team Combined Exercises Peter Vidmar USA 591.40 GOLD
Scott Johnson USA 591.40 GOLD
Bart Conner USA 591.40 GOLD
James Hartung USA 591.40 GOLD
Mitchell Gaylord USA 591.40 GOLD
Timothy Daggett USA 591.40 GOLD
Ning Li CHN 590.80 SILVER
Xiaoping Li CHN 590.80 SILVER
Yuejiu Li CHN 590.80 SILVER
Fei Tong CHN 590.80 SILVER
Zhiqiang Xu CHN 590.80 SILVER
Yun Lou CHN 590.80 SILVER
Shinji Morisue JPN 586.70 BRONZE
Koji Sotomura JPN 586.70 BRONZE
Kyoji Yamawaki JPN 586.70 BRONZE
Noritoshi Hirata JPN 586.70 BRONZE
Noboyuki Kajitani JPN 586.70 BRONZE
Koji Gushiken JPN 586.70 BRONZE
All-Around, Individual Women Mary Lou Retton USA 79.175 GOLD
Ekaterina Szabó ROM 79.125 SILVER
Simona Pauca ROM 78.675 BRONZE
Side Horse Vault Women Ekaterina Szabó ROM 19.875 GOLD
Mary Lou Retton USA 19.85 SILVER
Lavinia Agache ROM 19.75 BRONZE
Asymmetrical Bars Women Julianne McNamara USA 19.95 GOLD
Yanhong Ma CHN 19.95 GOLD
Mary Lou Retton USA 19.80 BRONZE
Balance Beam Women Simona Pauca ROM 19.80 GOLD
Ekaterina Szabó ROM 19.80 GOLD
Kathy Johnson USA 19.65 BRONZE
Floor Exercises Women Ekaterina Szabó ROM 19.975 GOLD
Julianne McNamara USA 19.95 SILVER
Mary Lou Retton USA 19.775 BRONZE
Team Combined Exercises Women Simona Pauca ROM 392.02 GOLD
Ekaterina Szabó ROM 392.02 GOLD
Miháela Stanulet ROM 392.02 GOLD
Laura Cutina ROM 392.02 GOLD
Lavinia Agache ROM 392.02 GOLD
Cristina Grigoras ROM 392.02 GOLD
Pamela Bileck USA 391.2 SILVER
Michelle Dusserre USA 391.2 SILVER
Kathy Johnson USA 391.2 SILVER
Tracee Talavera USA 391.2 SILVER
Mary Lou Retton USA 391.2 SILVER
Julianne McNamara USA 391.2 SILVER
Yanhong Ma CHN 388.6 BRONZE
Ping Zhou CHN 388.6 BRONZE
Qiurui Zhou CHN 388.6 BRONZE
Qun Huang CHN 388.6 BRONZE
Yongyan Chen CHN 388.6 BRONZE
Jiani Wu CHN 388.6 BRONZE
Rhythmic All-Around Lori Fung CAN 57.95 GOLD
Doina Staiculescu ROM 57.9 SILVER
Regina Weber FRG 57.7 BRONZE

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