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1996 Summer Olympics
Atlanta, United States

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
50m Freestyle Men Aleksandr Popov RUS 22.13 GOLD
Gary Hall Jr. USA 22.26 SILVER
Fernando Scherer BRA 22.29 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Men Aleksandr Popov RUS 48.74 GOLD
Gary Hall Jr. USA 48.81 SILVER
Gustavo França Borges BRA 49.02 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Men Danyon Loader NZL 1:47.63 GOLD
Gustavo França Borges BRA 1:48.08 SILVER
Daniel Kowalski AUS 1:48.25 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Men Danyon Loader NZL 3:47.97 GOLD
Paul Palmer GBR 3:49.00 SILVER
Daniel Kowalski AUS 3:49.39 BRONZE
1500m Freestyle Men Kieren Perkins AUS 14:56.40 GOLD
Daniel Kowalski AUS 15:02.43 SILVER
Graeme Smith GBR 15:02.48 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Men Jeff Rouse USA 54.10 GOLD
Rodolfo Falcon CUB 54.98 SILVER
Neisser Bent CUB 55.02 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Men Brad Bridgewater USA 1:58.54 GOLD
Tripp Schwenk USA 1:58.99 SILVER
Emanuele Merisi ITA 1:59.18 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Men Fred Deburghgraeve BEL 1:00.65 GOLD
Jeremy Linn USA 1:00.77 SILVER
Mark Warnecke GER 1:01.33 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Men Norbert Rózsa HUN 2:12.57 GOLD
Károly Güttler HUN 2:13.03 SILVER
Andrey Korneyev RUS 2:13.17 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Men Denis Pankratov RUS 52.27 GOLD
Scott Miller AUS 52.53 SILVER
Vladislav Kulikov RUS 53.13 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Men Denis Pankratov RUS 1:56.51 GOLD
Tom Malchow USA 1:57.44 SILVER
Scott Goodman AUS 1:57.48 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Men Attila Czene HUN 1:59.91 GOLD
Jani Sievinen FIN 2:00.13 SILVER
Curtis Myden CAN 2:01.13 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Men Tom Dolan USA 4:14.90 GOLD
Eric Namesnik USA 4:15.25 SILVER
Curtis Myden CAN 4:16.28 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Men Jon Olsen USA 3:15.41 GOLD
Brad Schumacher USA 3:15.41 GOLD
David Fox USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Josh Davis USA 3:15.41 GOLD
Gary Hall Jr. USA 3:15.41 GOLD
Scott Tucker USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Roman Yegorov RUS 3:17.06 SILVER
Vladimir Predkin RUS 3:17.06 SILVER
Vladimir Pyshnenko RUS 3:17.06 SILVER
Denis Pimankov RUS 3:17.20 SILVER
Aleksandr Popov RUS 3:17.06 SILVER
Mark Pinger GER 3:17.20 BRONZE
Alexander Luderitz GER 4:02.88 BRONZE
Bengt Zikarsky GER 3:17.20 BRONZE
Björn Zikarsky GER 3:17.20 BRONZE
Christian Tröger GER 3:17.20 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Men Jon Olsen USA 7:14.84 GOLD
Brad Schumacher USA 7:14.84 GOLD
Joe Hudepohl USA 7:14.84 GOLD
Josh Davis USA 7:14.84 GOLD
Ryan Berube USA 7:14.84 GOLD
Lars Frölander SWE 7:17.56 SILVER
Anders Holmertz SWE 7:17.56 SILVER
Anders Lyrbring SWE 7:17.56 SILVER
Christer Wallin SWE 7:17.56 SILVER
Steffen Zesner GER 7:17.71 BRONZE
Christian Tröger GER 7:17.71 BRONZE
Oliver Lampe GER 7:17.71 BRONZE
Christian Keller GER 7:17.71 BRONZE
Aimo Heilmann GER 7:17.71 BRONZE
Konstantin Dubrovin GER 7:17.71 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Men Kurt Grote USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Josh Davis USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Mark Henderson USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Gary Hall Jr. USA 3:34.84 GOLD
John Hargis USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Jeremy Linn USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Jeff Rouse USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Tripp Schwenk USA 3:34.84 GOLD
Vladimir Selkov RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Aleksandr Popov RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Stanislav Lopukhov RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Denis Pankratov RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Roman Ivanovskiy RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Vladislav Kulikov RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Roman Yegorov RUS 3:37.55 SILVER
Michael Klim AUS 3:39.56 BRONZE
Toby Haenen AUS 3:39.56 BRONZE
Steven Dewick AUS 3:39.56 BRONZE
Scott Miller AUS 3:39.56 BRONZE
Philip Rogers AUS 3:39.56 BRONZE
50m Freestyle Women Amy van Dyken USA 24.87 GOLD
Jingyi Le CHN 24.90 SILVER
Sandra Völker GER 25.14 BRONZE
100m Freestyle Women Jingyi Le CHN 54.50 GOLD
Sandra Völker GER 54.88 SILVER
Angel Martino USA 54.93 BRONZE
200m Freestyle Women Claudia Poll CRC 1:58.16 GOLD
Franziska van Almsick GER 1:58.57 SILVER
Dagmar Hase GER 1:59.56 BRONZE
400m Freestyle Women Michelle Smith IRL 4:07.25 GOLD
Dagmar Hase GER 4:08.30 SILVER
Kirsten Vlieghuis NED 4:08.70 BRONZE
800m Freestyle Women Brooke Bennett USA 8:27.89 GOLD
Dagmar Hase GER 8:29.91 SILVER
Kirsten Vlieghuis NED 8:30.84 BRONZE
100m Backstroke Women Beth Botsford USA 1:01.19 GOLD
Whitney Hedgepeth USA 1:01.47 SILVER
Marianne Kriel RSA 1:02.12 BRONZE
200m Backstroke Women Krisztina Egerszegi HUN 2:07.83 GOLD
Whitney Hedgepeth USA 2:11.98 SILVER
Cathleen Rund GER 2:12.06 BRONZE
100m Breaststroke Women Penny Heyns RSA 1:07.73 GOLD
Amanda Beard USA 1:08.09 SILVER
Samantha Riley AUS 1:09.18 BRONZE
200m Breaststroke Women Penny Heyns RSA 2:25.41 GOLD
Amanda Beard USA 2:25.75 SILVER
Ŕgnes Kovács HUN 2:26.57 BRONZE
100m Butterfly Women Amy van Dyken USA 59.13 GOLD
Limin Liu CHN 59.14 SILVER
Angel Martino USA 59.23 BRONZE
200m Butterfly Women Susan O'Neill AUS 2:07.76 GOLD
Petria Thomas AUS 2:09.82 SILVER
Michelle Smith IRL 2:09.91 BRONZE
200m Individual Medley Women Michelle Smith IRL 2:13.93 GOLD
Marianne Limpert CAN 2:14.35 SILVER
Li Lin CHN 2:14.74 BRONZE
400m Individual Medley Women Michelle Smith IRL 4:39.18 GOLD
Allison Wagner USA 4:42.03 SILVER
Krisztina Egerszegi HUN 4:42.53 BRONZE
4x100m Freestyle Relay Women Catherine Fox USA 3:39.29 GOLD
Lisa Jacob USA 3:39.29 GOLD
Angel Martino USA 3:39.29 GOLD
Jenny Thompson USA 3:39.29 GOLD
Melanie Valerio USA 3:39.29 GOLD
Amy van Dyken USA 3:39.29 GOLD
Jingyi Le CHN 3:40.48 SILVER
Yun Nian CHN 3:40.48 SILVER
Ying Shan CHN 3:40.48 SILVER
Na Chao CHN 3:40.48 SILVER
Antje Buschschulte GER 3:41.48 BRONZE
Meike Freitag GER 3:41.48 BRONZE
Simone Osygus GER 3:41.48 BRONZE
Sandra Völker GER 3:41.48 BRONZE
Franziska van Almsick GER 3:41.48 BRONZE
4x100m Medley Relay Women Amy van Dyken USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Jenny Thompson USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Angel Martino USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Kristine Quance USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Catherine Fox USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Amanda Beard USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Beth Botsford USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Whitney Hedgepeth USA 4:02.88 GOLD
Angela Kennedy AUS 4:05.08 SILVER
Helen Denman AUS 4:05.08 SILVER
Samantha Riley AUS 4:05.08 SILVER
Sarah Ryan AUS 4:05.08 SILVER
Nicole Stevenson AUS 4:05.08 SILVER
Susan O'Neill AUS 4:05.08 SILVER
Ying Shan CHN 4:07.34 BRONZE
Huijue Cai CHN 4:07.34 BRONZE
Yan Chen CHN 4:07.34 BRONZE
Xue Han CHN 4:07.34 BRONZE
4x200m Freestyle Relay Women Lisa Jacob USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Trina Jackson USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Sheila Taormina USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Cristina Teuscher USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Annette Salmeen USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Ashley Whitney USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Jenny Thompson USA 7:59.87 GOLD
Franziska van Almsick GER 8:01.55 SILVER
Sandra Völker GER 8:01.55 SILVER
Simone Osygus GER 8:01.55 SILVER
Kerstin Kielgaß GER 8:01.55 SILVER
Dagmar Hase GER 8:01.55 SILVER
Meike Freitag GER 8:01.55 SILVER
Julia Greville AUS 8:05.47 BRONZE
Emma Johnson AUS 8:05.47 BRONZE
Susan O'Neill AUS 8:05.47 BRONZE
Lise Mackie AUS 8:05.47 BRONZE
Nicole Stevenson AUS 8:05.47 BRONZE

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