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Medal Winners

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Year Event Athlete Medal Country Result
1904 Lacrosse Eli Blanchard GOLD CAN
1904 W Brennaugh GOLD CAN
1904 George Bretz GOLD CAN
1904 William Burns GOLD CAN
1904 George Cattanach GOLD CAN
1904 George Cloutier GOLD CAN
1904 Sandy Cowan GOLD CAN
1904 Jack Flett GOLD CAN
1904 Benjamin Jamieson GOLD CAN
1904 Hilliard Laidlaw GOLD CAN
1904 H Lyle GOLD CAN
1904 L H Pentland GOLD CAN
1904 Partridge SILVER USA
1904 George Passmore SILVER USA
1904 William Passmore SILVER USA
1904 Murphy SILVER USA
1904 Sullivan SILVER USA
1904 A.H. Venn SILVER USA
1904 Woods SILVER USA
1904 Ross SILVER USA
1904 Gibson SILVER USA
1904 Patrick Grogan SILVER USA
1904 J. W. Dowling SILVER USA
1904 Hunter SILVER USA
1904 Flat Iron BRONZE CAN
1904 Half Moon BRONZE CAN
1904 Lightfoot BRONZE CAN
1904 Almighty Voice BRONZE CAN
1904 Black Eagle BRONZE CAN
1904 Black Hawk BRONZE CAN
1904 Snake Eater BRONZE CAN
1904 Spotted Tail BRONZE CAN
1904 Night Hawk BRONZE CAN
1904 Man Afraid Soap BRONZE CAN
1904 Rain In Face BRONZE CAN
1904 Red Jacket BRONZE CAN
1908 Lacrosse Paddy Brennan GOLD CAN
1908 John Broderick GOLD CAN
1908 Doc Campbell GOLD CAN
1908 Angus Dillon GOLD CAN
1908 Frank Dixon GOLD CAN
1908 Richard Duckett GOLD CAN
1908 Henny Hoobin GOLD CAN
1908 Thomas Gorman GOLD CAN
1908 Ernest Hamilton GOLD CAN
1908 Clary McKerrow GOLD CAN
1908 George Rennie GOLD CAN
1908 Alex Turnbull GOLD CAN
1908 Norman Whitley SILVER GBR
1908 Charles Scott SILVER GBR
1908 J Parker-Smith SILVER GBR
1908 H W Ramsey SILVER GBR
1908 S N Hayes SILVER GBR
1908 Wilfrid Johnson SILVER GBR
1908 Edward Jones SILVER GBR
1908 R G W Martin SILVER GBR
1908 G Mason SILVER GBR
1908 E O Dutton SILVER GBR
1908 George Buckland SILVER GBR
1908 Gustav Alexander SILVER GBR

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