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Medal Winners

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Year Event Athlete Medal Country Result
1900 Tug of War Edgar Aabye GOLD DEN
1900 Eugen Schmidt GOLD DEN
1900 Charles Winckler GOLD DEN
1900 Gustaf Söderström GOLD SWE
1900 Karl Staaf GOLD SWE
1900 August Nilsson GOLD SWE
1900 Jean Collas SILVER FRA
1900 Constantin Henriquez SILVER FRA
1900 Charles Gondouin SILVER FRA
1900 Emile Sarrade SILVER FRA
1900 R Basset SILVER FRA
1900 Joseph Roffo SILVER FRA
1904 Tug of War Oscar Olson GOLD USA
1904 Sidney Johnson GOLD USA
1904 Henry Seiling GOLD USA
1904 Conrad Magnussen GOLD USA
1904 Pat Flanagan GOLD USA
1904 August Rodenberg SILVER USA
1904 Charles Rose SILVER USA
1904 William Seiling SILVER USA
1904 Orrin Upshaw SILVER USA
1904 Max Brown SILVER USA
1904 Oscar Friede BRONZE USA
1904 Charles Haberkorn BRONZE USA
1904 Harry Jacobs BRONZE USA
1904 Frank Kungler BRONZE USA
1904 Charles Thias BRONZE USA
1906 Tug of War Wilhelm Born GOLD DEU
1906 Heinrich Schneidereit GOLD DEU
1906 Heinrich Rondi GOLD DEU
1906 Willy Dörr GOLD DEU
1906 Karl Kaltenbach GOLD DEU
1906 Wilhelm Ritzenhof GOLD DEU
1906 Joseph Krämer GOLD DEU
1906 Julius Wagner GOLD DEU
1906 Konstantinos Lazaros SILVER GRE
1906 Spyros Lazaros SILVER GRE
1906 Georgios Papachristou SILVER GRE
1906 Georgios Psakhos SILVER GRE
1906 Vasilios Psakhos SILVER GRE
1906 Panayiotis Trivoulidis SILVER GRE
1906 Antonios Tsitas SILVER GRE
1906 Spyros Vellas SILVER GRE
1906 Gustaf Grönberger BRONZE SWE
1906 Anton Gustafsson BRONZE SWE
1906 Carl Svensson BRONZE SWE
1906 Ture Wersæll BRONZE SWE
1906 Eric Lemming BRONZE SWE
1906 Erik Granfelt BRONZE SWE
1906 Osvald Holmberg BRONZE SWE
1906 Axel Norling BRONZE SWE
1908 Tug of War Edward Barrett GOLD GBR
1908 Fred Goodfellow GOLD GBR
1908 William Hirons GOLD GBR
1908 Fred Humphreys GOLD GBR
1908 Albert Ireton GOLD GBR
1908 Fred Merriman GOLD GBR
1908 Edwin Mills GOLD GBR
1908 James Shepherd GOLD GBR
1908 Thomas Butler SILVER GBR
1908 George Smith SILVER GBR
1908 Thomas Swindlehurst SILVER GBR
1908 James Clark SILVER GBR
1908 William Greggan SILVER GBR
1908 Alexander Kidd SILVER GBR
1908 Daniel McLowry SILVER GBR
1908 Patrick Philbin SILVER GBR
1908 William Slade BRONZE GBR
1908 Ernest Ebbage BRONZE GBR
1908 Alexander Munro BRONZE GBR
1908 Thomas Homewood BRONZE GBR
1908 Joseph Dowler BRONZE GBR
1908 Walter Tammas BRONZE GBR
1908 James Woodget BRONZE GBR
1908 Walter Chaffe BRONZE GBR
1912 Tug of War Arvid Andersson GOLD SWE
1912 Adolf Bergman GOLD SWE
1912 Johan Edman GOLD SWE
1912 Erik Frederiksson GOLD SWE
1912 Carl Jonsson GOLD SWE
1912 Erik Larsson GOLD SWE
1912 August Gustafsson GOLD SWE
1912 Herbert Lindström GOLD SWE
1912 Joseph Dowler SILVER GBR
1912 Mathias Hynes SILVER GBR
1912 Alexander Munro SILVER GBR
1912 Walter Chaffe SILVER GBR
1912 John Sewell SILVER GBR
1912 James Shepherd SILVER GBR
1912 Edwin Mills SILVER GBR
1912 Fred Humphreys SILVER GBR
1920 Tug of War Fred Humphreys GOLD GBR
1920 Fred Holmes GOLD GBR
1920 Edwin Mills GOLD GBR
1920 James Shepherd GOLD GBR
1920 Harry Stiff GOLD GBR
1920 Ernest Thorne GOLD GBR
1920 John Sewell GOLD GBR
1920 George Canning GOLD GBR
1920 Wilhelmus Bekkers SILVER NED
1920 Johannes Hengeveld SILVER NED
1920 Sytse Jansma SILVER NED
1920 Henk Janssen SILVER NED
1920 Antonius van Loon SILVER NED
1920 Willem van Loon SILVER NED
1920 Marinus van Rekum SILVER NED
1920 Willem van Rekum SILVER NED
1920 Edouard Bourguignon BRONZE BEL
1920 Alphonse Ducatillon BRONZE BEL
1920 Remy Maertens BRONZE BEL
1920 Christin Piek BRONZE BEL
1920 Henri Pintens BRONZE BEL
1920 François van Hoorenbeek BRONZE BEL
1920 Charles van den Broeck BRONZE BEL
1920 Gustave Wuyts BRONZE BEL

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